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Harmony Falls SMP

Harmony Falls SMP
About the server : The server is set in hard mode survival. We would love for our players to act maturely. The staff will try their hardest to do the best for the players. We try to conduct the server in a semi-serious manner so we will try to be professional. Feel free to ask us in the Discord any questions you have! We want to be approachable. We try to consistently add something new for you to see!
Features our server includes :
Proximity Chat ~ Using the Simple Voice Chat mod, you can connect more with the community!
PVP ~ It is optional and up to the players if they want to have it toggled on or not.
Lore ~ We want the server to have lots of lore and story! Currently, you can find NPC’s with lore and server lore in our custom-made museum! Players are also encouraged to make their own lore! We also plan on doing lore-related events!
Custom reskinned Items ~ You can win these things from crates and events!
Custom Advancements ~ The first stages have rolled out and more advancements are being added daily!
Language Support ~ We plan on having this added in the future as soon as it is done! Bosses ~ Another feature that will be shown in the future!
About the crates:
Now we have 4 types of crates; Vote, Community, Booster, and Donations.
Vote - When voting for the server you get keys to open it!
Community - You get 1 key weekly, the crate has custom items members of the community make!
Booster - You get a key for every boost on the discord. We did not have to do this but it is in a way us thanking you for doing this!
Donation - Now, the items will be in the vote and or community crates to make it so players can still have a chance to get these items. (That is still being worked on but that is the intent) Donations go back into the server and 10% go to a charity! If you do not wish to get the key for the crate you can say that as well. The items should not and or are not OP so it is not P2W. Again like the booster crate, we did not have to do this, but do want to thank the players.


skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 3 days ago
We’re having a boat race event very soon yall!!! Be ready for a fun time😁
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 3 days ago
Most amazing server ever and best staff ever 10/10 recommend nothing like a sweet and amazing community!!!! We offer so many unique features that only this server has!!!
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 3 days ago
Skunk. You say tsg is a crap server yet it’s one of the most popular vc Minecraft servers out there. Yours is only popular because some people were banned or needed something new from tsg. Your tps isn’t even that great when only ten people join. Some people who join your server says that it feels like a crappy knock off of tsg. You also say you’re not toxic but eleven hours from now you called Sinistersgrin a loser and you keep degrading him like you’re some saint. Even when you’re shown evidence you deny everything.
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 3 days ago
W server
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 3 days ago
Best server ever no toxicity. Harmony falls has the best staff ever and best community ever we actually care about our server and our community.
SinistersGrin SinistersGrin: 4 days ago
I own two businesses that are very successful, i dont rely on government assistance like you and your sister do... i am 26 dating a 19 year old yes, an age gap is not something illegal or even remotely wrong, you are friends with a guy who was 23 dating someone turning 16... and is still, i didnt attack anyone you said my name i simply responded to it, i know you're slow but this is getting embarrassing.

You haven't tried to stop, like i said, you mention my name i've been busy irl and on our server to even bother with yours, i've said it once and ill say it again, stop mentioning my name, ill stop being involved, its not that hard of a topic.

Again i don't try to, want to, or even consider telling people what to have an opinion on, that's what you do, anyone who made a comment here or anywhere else did it on their own free will, what kind of superpower do you think i have that i snap my fingers and people jump?

You? wanting to get away from toxic? my man... again, you insult dead loved ones, and im the toxic one? you for no reason what so ever called me a pedo on launch day and i wasn't even around for that, the amount of shit talk you do behind closed doors is sad, so drop it, leave me name out of you shit, you won't have to worry about me, or keep bringing my name up, and ill keep playing your game, its funny to me.
SinistersGrin SinistersGrin: 4 days ago
your server has 7 people on rn... ours has 13..... are you ok ?
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 4 days ago
Lol I love trolls y’all just jealous that nobody plays on your crap server.. hmmm I wonder why probably because you sin are a loser and will never amount to anything. Stop starting drama for a 26 year old man you extremely immature. Maybe stop harassing us. Maybe act your age. Nobody wants you around because you act so childish lol your pathetic. And also there are no pedos on harmony falls. Because you haven’t joined yet 🤣😂 26 dating someone who’s 18 lol. Anyway stop attacking us. We don’t need any of your unnecessary drama. We’ve tried and tried to stop the drama but you and your little group keep harassing us. And for what? Because we wanted to get away from a toxic community such as your server. Your a joke and so is your server
SinistersGrin SinistersGrin: 4 days ago
Ok i tried to stay away from the drama as best as i could but since you want to keep bringing up my name, and then have the audacity to go after our staff let me do this...
@Nightcraft_ lets stop pretending "you recently joined", you are staff here.

@skunkdaddy99 We do you you but its not for no reason, you let the legal definition on a Pedophile on a minecraft server to play around with other kids, all while you make up lies and call other people the same thing you defend and befriend in Fireclaw who is still actively dating a minor with your knowledge, You insult peoples dead loved ones then use the excuse "its not my fault im autistic" as if thats supposed to excuse any of your behaviours irl towards your own family or online towards everyone else.

@Darkkfire_ as much as i do agree you aren't all bad, you are still all accountable to what happens on YOUR server, letting pedophiles around kids, selling things to kids for irl money with the excuse or "donations", you've know the staff team for a while so they can't possibly lie to your face like they did many others? i knew Kraken or (Beany) for well over a year and she condemned and trash talked fireclaw_ and what he is doing so much as 5 months ago, now she is actively defending him and acting like his friend, what evidence ?

"how they handled his constant bullshitting of HF and it's staff, that being through telling people what actually happened?"
Sorry? do tell what happened? ill take the time to screenshot my whole chats with both kraken and kris, everyone that is against what those two did is cause they saw what those two did fully, not half the side they wanted to show, i for the most part don't involve myself in any of this till you bring my name up, i don't ask anyone to play anywhere, every person has their own free will to do what they want with.
Nightcraft_ Nightcraft_: 4 days ago
I recently joined the Harmony Falls server, and I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised by the extensive development work the team has put into it over the past few months. One standout feature is the substantial and intricately designed museum, which serves as a fantastic place to explore, learn about the server's history, and appreciate some fine art.

In addition to the museum, Harmony Falls boasts creatively crafted custom areas that enhance the server's unique charm. The addition of NPCs adds depth to the game world, as they each come with their own captivating stories.

One aspect that keeps me engaged is the evolving lore. It injects a sense of freshness and vitality into the server, ensuring there's always something new to uncover.

The proximity voice chat mod is another noteworthy feature, allowing for spontaneous and enjoyable conversations with fellow players as you venture through the world together.

For Minecraft enthusiasts seeking a server with more depth and a welcoming community, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Harmony Falls a try. It provides a distinctive gaming experience that sets it apart from the standard Minecraft servers.
SinistersGrin SinistersGrin: 4 days ago
@skunkdaddy99 Aren't you a "Creator" in this server? also aren't you the one that was making fun of the fact that my adopted sister committed suicide? Such a wonderful staff team member.... apparently you respect everyone except dead loved ones, that's why you're no longer welcome on "the last server you were on", grow a backbone, be honest with people, stop trying to talk down to us.
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 4 days ago
i love this server its so fun. the players are so cool. and the custom stuff only this server has such as a quest. theres so much to do. and the creators are all wonderful people. they respect everyone and try not to ban and give lots of chances. the last server i was on the staff where awful people and they ban for no reason. anyway this has to be the best voice chat server out there right now. i cant wait to see how this server grows and gets bigger and bigger. much love. from skunk :)
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 5 days ago
Darkfire, I find it funny that you’re saying that the claims that were made were false. Even though we have multiple screenshots of everything and more coming. And the claims aren’t attacking all the staff only the three that were mentioned. As for the degrading, they did that before harmony falls was a thing and we have proof of it.

Skunk. I love how you’re calling us toxic when you’re a toxic person yourself. You purposely went out of your way to provoke Sinistersgrin multiple times.

We could care less if people play on your server but we won’t stand by as you talk behind our backs in your staff chat. You don’t even allow people to say the name of one server while you guys say it yourselves.
Darkkfire_ Darkkfire_: 5 days ago
As one of the "creators" of Harmony Falls, I am writing this to somewhat address some things said here, through my own experience so far.

Regarding this 'anonymous_player', stop acting like a cunt. Many things said by this person are complete lies, they act needlessly aggressive towards this server and it's staff and playerbase. They aim to attack us, make us look bad and ruin many innocent people's hard work. They claim they use an anonymous name as they don't want to be banned from the harmony falls smp, however continue to attack it through means like this, completely disregarding how new players will see the server, turning them away from what they may well thoroughly enjoy.
The fact this player is so determined to not get banned that they use an unidentifiable alias to avoid doing so, truly shows just how much of what they are saying is complete bullshit. Show yourself you pathetic nobhead.

I have known other staff members for a while now, and quite frankly am more inclined to believe them, not just because of that but the fact there is more evidence to back up their claims and defences, etc.
Furthermore, the anonymous player states that their three names targeted Sinistersgrin, "degraded Sinistersgrin for doing his job and more". I presume this refers to how they handled his constant bullshitting of HF and it's staff, that being through telling people what actually happened?
Or would it be more degrading to yourself to plant one or two "spies" in our own server to obtain whatever information you can scrape together and create more of your bullshit stories to spread throughout your own "community".

The reason Possyslayer420 believe they were 'spied' on was because they like stated in their own comment, they are a trusted staff member of a certain other server. Possy is more than welcome to return to the harmony falls smp if they so choose to.

Moving on to the queries about the donation crate, EVERYTHING is available elsewhere, there is absolutely nothing stopping someone from not donating as they can obtain every single donation item through other means.

I believe Harmony falls is very welcoming to new players, and some history between a few people should absolutely not get in the way of that.
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 5 days ago
possy slayer and sin are from a toxic sever that hates us for no reason they keep harassing us and our server. i hope they get their lives together. lol troll makes me sick how they attack people like this
PossySlayer420 PossySlayer420: 5 days ago
Most good comments are made by the people who own the server. I honestly dont belive the staff is good.
I played on this server one time, and I was spied on the entire time I was there because I'm staff on another minecraft server. I know i was spied on becouse owners of the server would go out of spectator mode to talk to me, and when talking they did indeed comfirm the comments from anonymous_player, there is a pedo playing o the server, and the staff will lie about it any chance they get.
I wouldnt play here, the owners lie and mod poorply. Ive seen people breaking multiple rules on the server, yet they dont ban them for the reason that they need players. Probably why they unbanned the pedo they suport, fireclaw_.

The server itself isnt bad. The staff however is very questionable. I dont recomend it.
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 5 days ago
Im also not lying and have proof of every claim that is made in the comments I’ve posted so nice try there.
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 5 days ago
No, I’m not a troll. Everyone deserves to know the truth which is why I have decided to go out of my way to do all of this. Sorry but not really. Most their staff are good people it’s just mainly those three I mentioned.
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 5 days ago
also anonymous player is a troll dont pay attention to him. he has no life and is a very toxic person for making things up and lying'
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 5 days ago
also anonymous player is a troll dont pay attention to him. he has no life and is a very toxic person for making things up and lying'
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 5 days ago
cant think of a better server this one has it all amazing people amazing staff super cool quest. and lots of custome things
skunkdaddy99 skunkdaddy99: 5 days ago
best server ever it has the best staff and the staff are always nice and polite. the last server i played on had the most toxic staff. but thses staff are wonderful people. not to mention all the cool custom things hf has to offer. also anonymous players a liar.
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 6 days ago
CrazyDookie now goes by Fireclaw_ so please be aware
Nightcraft_ Nightcraft_: 6 days ago
I recently started playing on Harmony Falls, and I've been pleasantly surprised by what the team there has been developing for months. The server features a sizeable, well-detailed museum that's quite impressive. It's a neat place to explore and learn about the servers history and see fine art.

Beyond that, Harmony Falls offers custom areas that are beautifully designed and add a unique touch to the server. The NPCs are an interesting addition, giving the game world more depth with their individual stories.

One thing I particularly appreciate is the evolving lore. It keeps things fresh and makes the server feel more alive, like there's always something new to discover.

The proximity voice chat mod is a cool feature as well. It's enjoyable to have spontaneous conversations with other players as you explore the world together.

If you're a Minecraft enthusiast looking for a server with a bit more depth and a friendly community, Harmony Falls is worth giving a try. It offers a unique experience that sets it apart from the standard Minecraft servers.
Anonymous_player Anonymous_player: 7 days ago
Alright. So I’m doing this anonymous because I don’t want to get banned. The reason why the server feels similar to The Stoned Golem is because the Owners, or “creators” as they like to be called (more specifically Kris, Kraken, and skunk), is that they are using a lot of assets from the server because they were all banned. The reasoning for their banning was because they all degraded Sinistersgrin for doing his job and more.

Another thing that should be noted is that they have a legal pedophile named CrazyDookie on their server. They will deny this. All because skunk supports him.

Kraken will talk behind everyone’s back and is incredibly two faced. She’s talked behind peoples backs that she knows online and in real life.

Kris advertised his server on TSG even though it was against the rules and called Sinistersgrin a tyrant. He also cheated on his girlfriend in front of her and then he got mad at his girlfriend for doing the same thing.

Skunk overall just supports the pedophile and refuses to acknowledge it and calls everyone a liar and says that no one has any or off despite old TSG members have plenty of prof and CrazyDookie has even said what he did was wrong.

By all means play on the server no one would care but please be wary of those four players. Crazy, Skunk, Kraken, and Kris.

Additionally they hardly tell their staff team anything before making decisions and have lied about the reason some of their staff are quitting.
IP Address
Harmony Falls SMP

Players: 7 / 50

Version: Paper 1.20.1

Votes: 416

Owner: ZaPPerzR

Created: about 1 month ago

Last Updated: 10 hours ago

Motd: Welcome to Harmony Falls SMP! ♥(っ◔◡◔)っ


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