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LostCraft Reborn

LostCraft Reborn

LostCraft Reborn is a new factions eco survival server with an emphasis on the survival part. We are currently on Java 1.20.4, but looking to update to 1.21 when it is safe to do so. Our goal is to provide a unique old school factions server with modern features. While we are not like the popular trending servers of today, we feel we offer a one of a kind minecraft experience. We feel the following features set us apart from many modern servers: 

1. custom mobs using mythicmobs
2. Custom Items
3. Brewery plugin that provides a fun and easy way to take a break from all the killing and mining.
4. No donation system, no pay to win system.
5. Codex to encourage exploration
6. A player based economy using a balanced jobs system, player shops, and a tax system
7. AuraSkills provides a simple to use and easy to understand skill and stat progression system
8. A discord server (do /discord in game for invite) and a website to enable a strong community. 


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LostCraft Reborn

Players: 0 / 50

Version: Paper 1.21

Votes: 10

Owner: djl0st12

Created: 17 days ago

Last Updated: 3 days ago

Motd: LostCraft RebornFactions built on community.