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Astral SMP

Join Astral SMP! 🌟 | No PvP (Toggle Available) | Custom Mobs & Armor 🦂 | Unique World Gen 🌍 | Crates, Rewards, Teams & More 🎁 

🌟 Features:
No PvP: Enjoy a peaceful environment with the option to toggle PvP on or off using /pvptoggle.
Custom Mobs & Armor: Face the mighty Scorpion and gear up with exclusive Skorpix armor and tools.
Unique World Generation: Explore stunning landscapes and biomes with our custom world generation.
Crates & Rewards: Unlock crates filled with amazing rewards and earn daily and playtime bonuses.
Teams: Join or create teams to collaborate and conquer challenges together.
Economy: Trade and earn coins through our economic system. Participate in coinflips and win big!
Cosmetics: Personalize your character with a variety of cosmetic items.
Minions: Utilize minions to assist you in your adventures and tasks.
Custom Enchantments: Enhance your gear with powerful and unique enchantments.
Harvester Hoes & Sellwands: Optimize your farming and selling processes with these handy tools.



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Astral SMP

Players: 3 / 100

Version: Paper 1.20.1

Votes: 0

Owner: peruska2

Created: 16 days ago

Last Updated: 16 days ago

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