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IP: play.EuphoriaMC.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/HF2uaXY
What make EuphoriaMC different?
EuphoriaMC's gamemode is based around a completely custom crafted plugin. It is impossible to regenerate health the natural way. Instead, you must use our custom foods that regenerate health or other means like potions of healing. This plugin is constantly being updated to bring new features to the server and more custom foods. In the server there are custom crafting recipes to create these custom foods. To view these we have created a simplistic GUI to allow players to view our recipes easily. Currently, we have over 10 custom foods and these foods are split up into 3 different categories. These categories are available for certain tier donors or available to all players through our in game shop. This is to keep our server fair and allow everyone to have the same game-play opportunities. Our server is less than a month old by release, but we have been working on the server for a good 3 months to make our server as enjoyable for the players as possible.
What to expect from EuphoriaMC:
Our server is more about survival than anything else. Pvp is optional, and we include a plugin to allow each player to turn it on or off for themselves. To help with the survival aspect of the server and allow our players to keep their valuables and builds safe from others we have a plugin known as GriefPrevention. This plugin allows players to right click two opposing corners of land with a golden shovel and claim it as their own. Doing this uses some of the player's claim-blocks. From there the player gets to decide who has access to the claim and what other players can do on it. But any unclaimed land will not be protected from other players. As players play the server more, they will gain more claim-blocks and be able to protect even more land. As mentioned previously we also have an in-game shop. This shop will be used to trade items like mob drops for currency. You can then use this currency to buy different blocks, ores, foods, and more. To gain currency our server mainly focuses on selling crops or mob drops from all different types of farms. Also to ease travel and help you find your way home, we have included a plugin that allows players to set homes that they can teleport back to almost instantaneously. Along with homes, spawners drop when mined with a silk touch pickaxe. But for non-donation ranks the chance of the spawner dropping is 50% while a donor's chance is 100%.
  • Completely custom plugin to change the way the health system works.
  • Consistent updates.
  • Challenging survival.
  • Optional PvP.
  • Land Claiming.
  • Silk Spawners.
  • In-game Shop.
  • Donor Ranks.
Short List of Features:
  • Modified health system.
  • Hard difficulty.
  • No KeepInventory
  • Homes
  • Tree Feller
Planned Updates:
  • New crafting systems.
  • Ability to gain more permanent health.
  • Right click crop harvest.
  • Possibly add some datapacks depending on what the community thinks.
  • Many more custom foods.
  • A custom texture pack for our custom foods created by the community.
  • And much more.
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