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Lands of Skarmosa
Hello, I'm KingSkarm, and I looked back on when I played non-stop a few years ago, Factions PvP was exciting, simple, yet fun and always had fun rivalries. However, being a huge fan of open-world fantasy games, I wanted to make a server with a bit of a fantasy, role-playing twist to it!

We use the following plugins:

Factions - Team up with your friends to become the strongest group in the server!

McMMO - Level up your skills to get powerful abilities!

Mythic Mobs - Face off against new, exciting, powerful monsters in a world full of fantasy!

Shop GUI

Combat Weaponry Plus - Adds new weapon types to the game: Spears, Long Swords, Rapiers, Daggers, and Katanas, all with different strengths!

Rank-Up - Tired of Donors getting all the cool ranks? You can get the same gear by climbing the ranks yourself using in-game money! Anything you cannot get that they may obtain, is obtainable through farming the boss mobs around the world!

Silk Touch Spawners

Vein Miner - Tired of spending too much time getting ore veins or logs, tired of farming for hours on end? Using this plugin, just breaking one of these blocks in a line will break the entire vein, tree, or line of plants! However you must be holding a tool to do this.

Mob Heads - Like collecting trophies? You have a small chance at obtaining a mob head when you kill them!

Random Teleport

Playtimes - Want to know how little of a life you have while playing this fun server? Just do /pt!

Auction House

For the in-game ranks, each rank will give you a new sethome (You even start out with 3!), as well as a better kit as you go on. I decided to do this so you're not punished for not being able to donate to our server, as much as we appreciate the help cutting server costs, we want to make it so everyone has a chance to be competitive. And the stuff in the future Donor Ranks may get that might not be in the kits, will be accessible by defeating high-level bosses. Information on these bosses will be available soon on our Discord server!

Also, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use the server resource pack it asks to install! Otherwise, you won't get to see the new, cool custom weaponry this server has to offer!


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Status: Online

Server Ip: play.landsofskarmosa.com

Players: 0 / 100

Version: Spigot 1.16.4

Votes: 6

Discord: https://discord.gg/YznTeazn8H

Owner: KingSkarm

Created: about 1 month ago

Last Updated: about 1 month ago

Motd: Welcome to Lands of Skarmosa! The Ultimate RPG | Team PvP experience!