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CaveSurvival - Neue 1.18 Welt

CaveSurvival - Neue 1.18 Welt

==== CaveSurvival - 1.18 Terrain since July 2021====

Small SMP with simple selfclaiming that allows teaming! You can just search for
a nice spot in the wild, create your own kingdom and claim it.

98% of the world has been reset to allow a new fresh gaming experience for all
- Everything that was built has been preserved!

====== Why You should stay ======

    + selfcoded plugins
    + 1.18 terrain since July 2021
    + random teleport

    + create your own territory and add friends!
    + simple selfclaiming
    + unlock new claims by collecting xp
    + you can almost build everywhere

    + custom items + recipes
    + simple buildable gates
    + better explosions and fire
    + grenades and shootable tnt
    + and many secret features - be aware!

We are looking forward to play with you!


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CaveSurvival - Neue 1.18 Welt

Players: 2 / 9

Version: Paper 1.18.2

Votes: 18

Owner: Jonosa

Created: 9 months ago

Last Updated: 1 day ago

Motd: CaveSurvival (1.18.2) + New World Good Semi-Vanilla Experience!