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The Stoned Golem Voice Chat SMP

It is a fantastic server, with friendly people, a responsive staff team and an active discord. constantly updating, always bringing in new things and always finding new ways to keep players entertained.
| 6 months ago Nova_Elmstone Nova_Elmstone

Already sold when Proximity Voice Chat is placed on the table
| 8 months ago GenKotone GenKotone

Amazing server. I've been playing it for over a year, and it only gets better and better. The comunity is so freindly and open, new players quickly become members of towns or friend groups. The Simple Voice Chat makes is so fun, I spend almost everyday just hanging out with friends on the server. The staff is almost always active and sweet. Best server I've played on, highly recomended.
| 9 months ago PossySlayer420 PossySlayer420

Great SMP server! Amazing community and staff, the proximity chat makes the experience much better. The survival works just fine. Had a lot of fun playing on the server
| 10 months ago SamLennon SamLennon

WOW SO COOL!! Sinistersgrin!
| 10 months ago iamkbr iamkbr

The server's plugins are well-developed, but if you have any issues don't expect the best support from the staff team. Most staff, even the owners, won't help you unless you create a ticket in their Discord server. I remember a handful of times I got teleported back to the old spawn while searching for an elytra. This made me lose my last-logged position, and when I brought up the problem to online helpers they completely ignored it. This -- paired with the fact that you randomly get booted for flying when you're just stuck in a ghost block or lagging makes adventuring for extended periods of time unfeasible. This server also punishes players for using their optional PVP system. Our entire town was under threat of being removed, merely because the owners didn't want a player who voluntarily enabled PVP to randomly fight others who had also voluntarily enabled PVP. While the moderation on this server may be questionable and needlessly hostile, it's a good server otherwise.
| 11 months ago DevIcicle DevIcicle

It's so amazing, it's pretty vanilla but with the server plugins and barely any mods, it's the perfect minecraft.
| 11 months ago Fire_Style Fire_Style

Amazing server, the community is better than any other they have events a complex and actually fun story going on rn. I've been on this server for almost a year and just cant get enough. So if your looking for a Minecraft server voice chat or not this IS the one to go for.
| 11 months ago ItsTonka ItsTonka

it got me crying becuse is toke me so long to find one like it
| 11 months ago sloth sloth

This is honestly the best server I’ve ever played on. It’s a survival world with many towns made by the players. I would recommend joining the discord especially if there’s bugs or you need help setting up mods. The thing is that this server is what got me playing Minecraft again. Despite there being other servers I always see my self coming back to this one. 5 stars is genuinely not enough.
| 11 months ago Omegaplayer5 Omegaplayer5

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The Stoned Golem Voice Chat SMP

Players: 8 / 50

Version: Paper 1.20.1

Votes: 815

Owner: SinistersGrin

Created: about 1 year ago

Last Updated: 2 days ago

Motd: ✿ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ The Stoned Golem✿ ✿A Semi-Vanilla Survival Server✿