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Sovereign Craft

Sovereign Craft is a Minecraft server where the currency that fuels its economy can be used both in-game and out! We are harnessing the permissionless & digital-native characteristics of Bitcoin, paired with the instant settlement of the Lightning Network, to build a community of players who can live out the value-for-value philosophy while playing a game they enjoy, and then take that value with them to use in the real world. Sovereign Craft intends to be the best educational resource for sound money in Minecraft for players looking to interact with a real game economy regardless of their age or geography. We will never have items made by admins. Players run the economy and trade to make this a dynamic and meaningful experience with monetary transparency. 


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Sovereign Craft

Players: 1 / 100

Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.20.x

Votes: 0

Owner: Sovtoshi

Created: 11 months ago

Last Updated: 11 months ago

Motd: Sovereign Craft | The Economy Server Using Real Money | The ₿est Money Ever Created

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