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The Wasteland

Welcome to "The Wasteland," a post-apocalyptic Minecraft server where survival hinges on your ingenuity and resilience. Amidst the desolate landscape, wield custom items crafted from the remnants of a lost civilization and engage in a gritty economy where salvaged resources hold more value than gold. Discover the power of 400+ enchantments, each offering unimaginable might as you confront mutated creatures and unearth long-forgotten bunkers. Forge alliances and fuel the fire of hope and determination to rise above the darkness and leave your mark on this extraordinary world shaped by your actions and choices. The Wasteland beckons - will you seize the opportunity to thrive or be consumed by the unforgiving sands of time?




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The Wasteland

Players: 2 / 50

Version: Paper 1.20.1

Votes: 83

Owner: Meg4dethscure

Created: 4 months ago

Last Updated: 9 days ago


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