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Welcome to the Official MINECRAVE Server
Greetings from the Minecrave Team! We at the Minecrave Team would love to welcome you to the server. A brief introduction to the network is in order. Currently still in BETA, the Minecrave team is bringing you three exciting game modes to play; Lifesteal, Skyblock, and OP Prison. There is much to come in our future, with our main release being scheduled right around the corner.
‎What We Offer
We offer a range of gamemodes for you to enjoy. However, the releases will be staggered, with Lifesteal releasing first, then Skyblock, and following that, Prison. ‎ ‎
A gut-wrenchingly competitive mode where eliminating another player gives you one of their permanent hearts, once you hit zero hearts you will be death-banned for 2 hours.
Skyblock; start off on an island in the sky which you can start solo, or with your friends, aim to increase your island value to reach the top of the island leaderboards.
Work your way out of the mines by selling all the ores and blocks to break to become free and be able to roam the world free and become the strongest out there.


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Players: 26 / 500

Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.20.6

Votes: 103

Owner: Nyciio

Created: 13 days ago

Last Updated: 11 days ago